Project & Business Management With Plutio

Learn to make the best use of Plutio in your business with a strong foundation, good templates, and great strategies to support communication.

The course is still in ACTIVE production. At the time of writing this sentence, there is still a lot of content yet to be produced. The pre-launch pricing is significantly reduced to reflect it's "not done yet" status. Though, this pre-launch price is ALL INCLUSIVE and includes ALL future updates to this course. If there is any specific item you would like addressed immediately, please email/contact me and I'll put that content up before others!

Course Summary

Plutio is a wonderful project management system though it can be a bit confusing with all the upcoming change and it can be a bit tough to figure out the best ways to organize things. In this course you'll learn: * How to use Plutio (a visual advanced Plutio tutorial & training) * Structuring and running projects in Plutio * Lead structuring and usage * Integromat (with examples!) * Templates (with examples) * Proposals & Contracts * Custom fields * Team Communication

This course is still in active development, so while that is going on the price is reduced to the pre-launch pricing. If you have any specific video or content requests, feel free to message me directly (on here, via email or on the Plutio Facebook Group) and I'll see if it's something I can answer in a course video and help. :)

Course Curriculum

Peter Krzyzek

Co-founder & CEO of Chykalophia, Peter loves to apply practical processes and ideas to growth strategies and make them happen. His goal is to help you learn and grow and in-turn help others in doing so. Peter is a prolific nerd who loves business, and is able to expertly walk that fine line between technology and business in such a way that he's able to make it very easy for you to understand and apply the concepts.

Me, myself & I

Business Owner & Nerd

I love this course and how it's made. Of course, since I made this course I'm a bit biased but I still found it rather useful to go through as it helped me grow my business and be awesome in the process. Best of all, having everything explained so easily has also helped me help more people, improve the user experience of clients and team mates and most of all: made it easier for me to run my business through Plutio! Hurray!

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